Rescheduling & Cancelation Policy


Our goal is cost effective case resolution. Since mediation is our only business, mediating on the first setting allows everyone involved to save time and money.

Please remember that each day we commit to you and your clients prevents others from having that day as an option. Please treat a mediation date as a trial setting.

When a mediation is set, please accommodate every request for information from the opposition to insure an effective mediation of your case. Resets due to illness or when counsel is called to trial in another matter require no cancellation fee, nor do resets when we are able to fill your date with another mediation. Inconvenience, unprepared ness and other common difficulties are not valid grounds. In other words, rescheduling fees are not charged for reasons which would normally delay a trial or when we are able to fill the date.

If a scheduled mediation cancels on less than fourteen days’ notice, a cancellation fee of 50% of the total fee will be charged to each party, unless the day can be filled by another mediation.

Shorthand rendition:

Good Reasons :

  • In trial elsewhere.
  • Illness.
  • Death.

Bad Reasons

  • More information Required.
  • The demand is too high.
  • We changed our mind.

We make every attempt to have a fair rescheduling and cancellation policy. If it presents a hardship for your client, please feel free to contact the mediator.